• What’s the Difference Between a Periodontist and Dentist?

    Sep 2

    Many people wonder what a periodontist does. This article will discuss the primary distinctions between a dentist and a periodontist in Coral Gables. While general dentists are allowed to diagnose and treat numerous dental health problems, periodontists specialize in preventing, treating, or diagnosing gum diseases. Read on to know ...

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  • Effective Tips Denture Patients Must Know

    Aug 18

    Affordable dentures 33143 are an excellent way to repair your smile and the function to your mouth. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Gum Disease

    Jul 15

    Having healthy gums is the foundation for a gorgeous smile and a healthy mouth. Rising numbers of studies show that unhealthy gums and poor dental hygiene will have detrimental effects and lead to the development of severe conditions. If your gums appear red, puffy, or inflamed, you will ...

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  • Remarkable Truths About Affordable Dentures

    Jul 7

    The primary purpose of dentures is to provide a supportive foundation that upholds and bolsters a set of natural-looking teeth that are artificial and extremely durable. Each denture is fabricated to suit your specific needs and custom fit to your mouth, and it can be used to either ...

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  • How Convenient is Wearing an Invisalign?

    Jun 18

    Are you curious about Invisalign? Did you ever wonder how convenient it is to have one? If you did, then you’re on the right page. The Invisalign 33143 is a subtle way to correct and realign your teeth to restore your beautiful smile. It uses clear aligner trays ...

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