How Convenient is Wearing an Invisalign?

Published June 18th, 2020 by Bloguser

Are you curious about Invisalign? Did you ever wonder how convenient it is to have one? If you did, then you’re on the right page. The Invisalign 33143 is a subtle way to correct and realign your teeth to restore your beautiful smile. It uses clear aligner trays that are worn for several hours each day to guarantee that they align your teeth into the correct position. Below are the facts that support how convenient it is to wear an Invisalign.

The Convenient and Hassle-Free Invisalign System

Worry-Free Bedtime

Wearing Invisalign 33143 means that you only need to remove the aligner trays and clean your teeth as you normally would. However, you need to make sure that you brush and floss thoroughly so dental plaque or tartar will not accumulate.


If you are active in sports, wearing your aligners won’t be an issue as it won’t damage or injure your gums. And if you’re engaged in sports that require you to use a mouth guard, having Invisalign is also not a problem since you can simply remove your aligners and replace it with a mouth guard. However, just remember to pop them back on as soon as you’re done with your game.


The most common reason why Invisalign 33143 became so popular is that it can easily be removed when you want to eat delicious but hard food. With this type of dental treatment, food restriction is never an issue. You can even enjoy your food without worrying about oral debris or food particles that will get stuck in between the wires and brackets as when you have those traditional braces.


Every dental treatment requires cleaning and aftercare, especially when it is prone to dental plaque or tartar build-up. With Invisalign 33143, cleaning those clear aligner trays will be easier. Without wires and brackets to clean, you can easily remove the trays, clean it with a proper cleaning agent, and pop it back in. 

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