Dental Bridges



Having missing teeth can lead to a sequence of changes that can negatively impact on your overall dental health. The teeth surrounding the missing tooth may begin to shift into the empty space of where the tooth used to be. This creates problems with alignment. Issues that can arise from bad alignment include problems with your jaw health and impact your bite, which can lead to wearing down of other teeth. It is imperative to have a missing tooth or missing teeth replaced to prevent further damage. A dental bridge is one of the options currently available that restores full function to the mouth and helps to prevent consequential shifting of the teeth. 

A dental bridge serves to replace with missing tooth or teeth called “pontics”. Pontics are reinforced on the ends by prepared natural teeth. This is custom built to perfectly fit your mouth and upon completion will be permanently “fixed” into place. Bridged can be either porcelain baked onto a metal substrate or it can be developed by using innovative ceramic materials that are both durable and reliable. 


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