There are various reasons why someone may need to get multiple extractions, such as disease, trauma, or malnutrition. Although extractions may save other teeth from decay or prevent an infection from progressing, they can have a negative impact on body image. A solution is to have the teeth that were extracted be replaced with dentures. We can help custom fit a setting to your mouth that will give you back that natural smile, help provide integrity, and structure for your facial contours while serving a purpose of function as well. 

A supportive foundation supports a set of natural looking teeth that are artificial and extremely durable. Each denture is fabricated to suit your specific needs and custom fit to your mouth. Dentures can be used to either replace a small section of teeth, or an entire arch, or both arches if needed. 

A complete denture is used in the replacement of all the teeth in a dental arch. There are two methods this type of denture can be inserted. One method is to have the dentures inserted after the surgical site has had a few weeks to heal. The other method is to have the dentures put in immediately on the same day the last teeth are extracted. The immediate method of applying dentures offers the benefit of having teeth immediately after extraction. However, this method will require adjustments as the mouth tissue remodels itself to heal following the extractions.

If you are not in need of complete dentures, but are missing a few teeth, then a partial denture may be the choice suited for you. The benefit of partial dentures is that you can have the support of the reliable structure of your own teeth to help maintain the partial dentures. If additional support is needed then implants may be an option to consider as well.


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