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Bruxism is a condition where an individual does chronic jaw clenching and teeth grinding. This can occur at any time throughout the day but most frequently occurs at night. This can cause difficulty sleeping along with a variety of additional symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, and sore teeth that may feel like they are loose. Anxiety and stress often contribute to this condition but there may be other factors that contribute to the discomfort. Sleep disorders, abnormal bite, and teeth that are missing or improperly aligned can exacerbate the condition. 

Night guards are invaluable when it comes to alleviating the symptoms and are frequently recommended by doctors to help with symptoms of bruxism. These guards are designed to comfortably fir over your teeth and keep the jaws slightly apart. Night guards can prevent damage caused muscle strain, TMJ, dental damage, and more. During severe cases, teeth can even be chipped or cracked from grinding against each other.

Night guards can prevent damage to the soft and hard tissues surrounding the orofacial cavity. Custom night guards are fabricated at our dental office and can help reduce bruxism habits while giving the individual a better night's sleep.


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