Root Canals



Damage or decay can often lead nerve damage in the nerves that supple the tooth. We use Endodontics, commonly referred to as root canal therapy, as a method to help save your tooth from a potential extraction. We perform this treatment when there is still enough root and crown intact to aid in the restoration of form and function of the tooth. 

If we look at the anatomy of the tooth, we will see that in every tooth there is a chamber that contains connective tissue, blood vessels, and a bundle of nerves. The tissue at the center is called the dental pulp, which allows your tooth to grow and develop before it emerges into your mouth. When the dental pulp is extensively damage and there is no way to restore the dental pulp, then that is when we consider the root canal procedure.

In the procedure of a root canal, we take care of cleaning and shaping each canal which is then filled with a special inert and durable material. After the procedure we seal the canal in order to prevent an infection or complication. 


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