Sports Mouthguards



Sport-related trauma causes millions of facial and dental injuries annually. While all sports have risk of such injuries, high contact sports provide a much higher risk. 

A mouthguard can reduce the risk of damaging one's teeth, checks, lips, tongue, face, and more. They are a critical piece of protective gear to prevent sport-related injury. Mouthguards are custom-fitted, removable pieces of sturdy plastic that should sit comfortably over your teeth. Typically, they are designed to just cover the top teeth but custom guards can be fabricated to cover the lower jaw as well. People with braces may require special mouthguards that provide more coverage. 

There are a number of mouthguards on the market such as pre-formed, ready to wear, boil and bite, as well as custom mouthguards which can be fabricated by your dentist. Our office can help you choose the perfect mouthguard to protect your smile that provides long lasting comfort and protection. Individually customized mouthguards offer the highest level of protection so it's best to consult your dentist if you intend on playing a contact sport and want the best protection possible. 


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