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Teeth are prone to staining over time. Different types of food, coffee, tabacco use, and age can cause teeth to darken but it's not the end of the world. Teeth whitening is a non-invasive process which can be performed through a variety of means. 

One of the more traditional teeth whitening methods is known as "bleaching." While there are plenty of remedies for whitening at your local pharmacy, none of them compare to the systems available at a professional dental office. A professional whitening system offers a prescription grade of whitening components that can be delivered to the teeth in the most efficient manner and achieve the best results. 

We offer a few options for tooth whitening. We have in-office teeth whitening systems as well as professional "take home" systems. Both of them are cutting-edge solutions with huge advantages in the sense that you can achieve a smile that is multiple shades whiter and brighter in a much shorter time. 

Our professional grade, "take home" systems also produce exceptional results. The take-home process is achieved through a more gradual process. Our take home kit may be prescribed alone, or to supplement an "in office" session.


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