Multiple Teeth Replacement

Multiple Teeth Replacement

Dental implants can serve as an efficient solution in cases of multiple missing teeth by providing additional support to fixed bridges, and removable dentures. 

Implant Supported fixed bridges

An implant supported fixed bridge is preferred to the traditional bridge method. The implants helps restore the function of the clients natural biting and chewing ability. The newer implant method serves to preserve the integrity of the teeth next to the compromised tooth or teeth. Preserving the integrity helps to reinforce healthy teeth and also preserve bone by preventing bone loss from missing teeth. The presence of bone in areas without teeth (edentulous areas), allows for the maintenance of your natural facial contours and prevents the appearance of sagging or caving that is caused by bone loss. 

Implant-Supported Over-dentures

The implant-supported over-denture is an effective solution when missing all teeth. This implant functions as a removable denture that easily clicks into place with the attachment located on the jaw. This solution provides essential support and stability to keep the denture in place while ensuring optimal function and comfort. Dental implants prevent the denture from dislodging or slipping out of place and also eliminate the need for denture adhesives. The result of this treatment is easier maintenance with a lot less hassle.

Full Arch Fixed Bridge

Another alternative to full dentures is the full arch fixed bridge. This solution serves as a foundation to anchor and support many dental implants while offering a permanent solution. This solution is secured and durable, restoring function in the ability to chew and gives you a beautiful new smile.