Cerec Crowns

CEREC® Crowns

CEREC® is a revolutionary technology in the dental practice. With CEREC® we can prepare and place same day ceramic restorations. This technology facilitates the process for the client in terms of quality and convenience. This technology helps by eliminating the need for multiple consecutive dental visits, temporary crowns, and messy dental impressions. 

With the CEREC® method, the tooth to be crowned is scanned. The images are then used to create a digitally designed restoration that is optimal for the client. Then a permanent ceramic restoration is accurately refined in the dental office on the same day. 

The process uses CAD/CAM technology; also known as computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing. A CEREC® single visit crown offers high quality restorations that are durable while maintaining an authentic aesthetic while providing the convenience and satisfaction of instant results. 

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