• very good experience, I highly recommend Dr Cabanzon and his staff friendly, and professional. The entire team gave effort to make me feel comfortable throughout the process. My overall experience getting my first dental implant was amazing.Thank you all very much at Dental Practice south Miami.

    Angie Coradin
  • In all Honesty . . . Taking time out to write a review is not something I waste my time on.

    I’m an old school kinda guy that either LOVES it and becomes a loyal customer or HATES it and doesn’t bother returning. . . Simple and to the point.

    THE DENTAL PRACTICE is not a Love or Hate it’s a MUST! . . . And that why you get to read about my experience.

    The waiting area is Nicely put together, clean and organized. The staff is very welcoming.

    Meeting the Doctor was comforting and refreshing.

    He is friendly, soft spoken, very attentive and knowledgeable.

    He listens patiently and explains carefully.

    His quality of work is clean and precise and is always concerned throughout the procedure.

    The inside rooms are clean and organized.

    Check out was considerate, smooth and informative.

    Luis Flores
  • Dr.Cabanzon was extremely professional and did a very good job. He found that I had one cavity and gave me some tips on how to brush my teeth better and how to floss better! Genesis did a really good job helping Dr.Cabanzon do the filling. I will definitely becoming again, best dentist in Miami!!!!

    Moises Brador
  • Great experience!!! From the attention of the staff to the moment you sit down. Dr. Cabanzon was understanding , patient and so so knowledgeable! I had Invisalign┬« treatment & it changed my life.

    Frank M
  • I am having a good amount of work done. Dr. Cabanzon is very patient with me and explains everything he is doing. I certainly recommend him to anyone looking for excellent dental care.

    M.K. C.
  • Just moved into the area and found this little gem. Family owned, super organized, well kept and great staff. Not the biggest fan of going to the dentists/doctors so big thumbs up! Highly recommend!

    Isabella L
  • Great service and great experience. Everyone is friendly and professional. Good experience with the dentist. Really took his time and very knowledgeable. Turns out I have 4 cavities:/ will be coming back to fix it all up and also top it off with a teeth whitening.

    James B
  • My initial/first time visit proved to be a most REMARKABLE experience. My personal adjectives: ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS , OUTSTANDING and EXCEPTIONAL DENTAL CARE. I was most impressed with the proficiency of the staff. Kudos to my DENTAL SOUTH FAMILY.

    Florrie J
  • I had a broken tooth and kept putting going to the dentist off as it can be scary. Finally I couldn’t put it off any more and had Dr. Cabanzon look at it and he explained the procedure to save my tooth and I had it done that day. As he was working on it he found a cavity in the tooth next to it and filled it on the same day as well. He did a fantastic job and I am so pleased to have a normal pain free bite again. He was very caring and knowledgeable and the office is clean and staff is friendly. I had a great experience and no longer fear going to the dentist.

    Alexa H

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